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Island Sky® Corporation was incorporated in Florida on April 1, 2004. The Company has developed a patented process for transferring water vapor (atmospheric humidity) into potable water, and markets its water-making-machines internationally across diverse industries. Island Sky’s patented air-to-water technology produces more water in varied climates with less electricity consumption than most air-to-water devices worldwide.

Island Sky's mission is to provide low-cost, high-quality drinking water to people in every corner of the world and help to alleviate the global water crisis by getting water to those in need. The Company’s Skywater® brand, atmospheric water machines, provide fresh water in remote areas and areas with drought and contamination. Precise Plumbing Service is proud be the exclusive Island Sky® distributer in California, USA.

Island Sky® currently designs, manufacturers and distributes air-to-water machines (also known as atmospheric water generators) from its production facilities in China, Mexico and India. Island Sky® has defined global markets with distribution in key regions worldwide. Find out more about distribution opportunities...

Island Sky’s atmospheric water generators lead the industry in water production and lower electricity consumption across varied climates.

As Island Sky® products continue to evolve, research and development will focus on initiatives designed to enhance product performance. Efforts are now complete to launch the next generation of Skywater® water products by combining air-to-water technology with wind, solar power and biofuel gasifiers, thereby removing them completely from the power grid, while leaving a zero carbon footprint. *See Skywater alternative energy products.


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