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SkyWater 300 demonstration for the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management of the Philippines in August, 2012 (first four photos). A week later monsoon-like weather caused heavy flooding in Manilla. Flood victims at a refugee camp had fresh, clean water, using the SkyWater 300

Video of a portable Island Sky machine in relief of flood victims in Venezuela.


PRESS RELEASE - June 13, 2011, Featherlite industries and the Island Sky Corporation announce emergency water product joint venture project. Click this link to download PDF press release.

*Photo - New Product! Skywater® ESU 20

Philippine water shortages

PRESS RELEASE - May 26, 2011, Philippine government places orders for Skywater machines. Island Sky President, Richard Groden said, “The Skywater® 300 machines will be placed around various municipalities throughout the Philippines. This represents the first steps in a broader clean water program which will include additional Skywater 300 purchase orders.” Click this link to download PDF press release

*Photo - Philippines line up for water rationing in Quezon City.


PRESS RELEASE - March 11, 2011, Skywater il Giornale dell' Umbria news article, Italy - Click here to download Italian PDF

Click this link to read Articolo di Repubblica.it article (Italian)


PRESS RELEASE - March 15, 2011, Italian Military report successful field trials of Skywater 300 in Senegal - Click here to download English PDF

Skywater 300 in India with generator

Skywater 300 test unit in a remote Indian village powered by a gasifier electricity generator unit (left)......100% off grid - January, 2011

Globe Forum

Island Sky Inc. WON the Globe Forum Innovation Contest and Exhibit, Stockholm, Sweden - April 29th, 2010

Globe Forum regards innovations as the key to creating a more sustainable world...read more...

Bios Award Trophy

BIOS Award for Relief Efforts in Haiti - April 15th, 2010

Island Sky receives BIOS award presented to South Florida citizens who exhibit extraodinary stewardship read more...


Skywater® Haiti - March 2010

Skywater® machines supply drinking water to orphanage in Haiti to assist in quake relief efforts. See full album of Skywater@ machines in Haiti; click here. See press release (PDF)

Haiti Relief Effort

Adelaide Now - January 27, 2010

Island Sky Machines in Haiti - Island Sky donates Skywater® air-to-water machines to Haiti's relief effort while drinking water is desperately needed since the quake.

Skywater Mining Expo

Northwest Star - April 13, 2010

Florida-based Island Sky and Melbourne-based company, Waternaut exhibit the Skwyater air-to water machine at the Mt. Isa Mining Expo.


Adelaide Now - January 8, 2010 

Island Sky plans Skywater product launch in Australia with new distribution agreement

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 RWE News - 21/10/08

(AEISK) Island Sky paid $2m

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Aussie Stock Forums - 06/07/08

Island Sky - Has developed low cost patented air to water making machines
which draw water vapour from the air & convert into pure filtered drinking water.

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The Economic Times - 09/06/08

Island Sky, Salton Inc to export water machines to India

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Australian Investor -27/06/08

Island Sky is Strategically Positioned with an Innovative, Patented Product that Provides a Genuine Ecologically Friendly Solution to the Growing Water Problems
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The Sydney Morning Herald - 08/06/08

Water machine to make splash in India

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The Robb Report Collection - 01/06/08

The Coolest Watercooler

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Yahoo Finance - 20/05/08

Island Sky signs, USD $5million dollar exclusive licensing agreement with Salton Inc. for Indian market

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Water machine company thirsty for funds - 03/09/07

A company that creates water from thick air will seek $10 million through an initial public offering to finance expansion...

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Island Sky® Corporation, USA, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Island Sky® Australia Ltd. -Company Overview has patented a technology for converting atmospheric water vapor into potable water. The technology provides a highly economical...


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